War on Twitter: Trump is still attacking CNN … who answers him

Trump attacks cnn

The conflict between Donald Trump and CNN continues. The US president, who has never hidden his hatred of the US news channel, published a tweet on Saturday accusing the channel again of conveying “false information”.

“Fox News is MUCH larger in the United States than CNN, but outside of the US, CNN International is still a major source of (fake) news, and they are a very poor representation of our nation in the WORLD. do not see the truth through them! “, writes Donald Trump.

CNN’s response was quick: “It’s not CNN’s job to represent the United States in the world, it’s yours, our job is to transmit the information,” the response said. chain in a tweet illustrated with an apple and the hashtag “#FactsFirts”.

 To promote the need to decrypt information and the transmission of verified information, CNN had posted a video on Twitter last October showing an apple and a comment that “some people will try to make you think this is a banana”.