Girl goes viral after she wore prom gown covered with faces of Trayvon Martin, more police brutality victims

It’s US prom season! And one Florida teen is trending after she used the occasion to pay homage to the victims of US police brutality, by donning a dress covered in the faces of the fallen.

Seventeen-year-old Milan Morris’ prom dress featured black and white images of notable victims such as Trayvon Martin (although technically he as not murdered by a police officer), Mike Brown, Sandra Bland and more of the lives lost in recent years to police brutality.

She shared a photo of the dress on Instagram and said:

“Yes I’m Black. Yes I’m 17. Yes GOD is using me to convey a message that’s bigger than 

Torrence, a West Palm Beach-based designer who also works in Miami and Atlanta, was the dressmaker who brought the whole look together, Morris told

“He was the mastermind behind this whole thing honestly,” said Morris adding that Torrence’s “message is a huge issue in America today.”

Torrence, who is knee-deep in designing for prom season, said that he knew he wanted to create a dress inspired by Black Lives Matter last year, but it all finally came together in 2017. The dress took four days to make.

What do you think of Milan’s dress?