Violent mob brutally batter suspected rapist before police can arrest him (photos)

This is the shocking moment a suspected rapist was brutally attacked by a violent lynch mob when police attempted to arrest him.

The man was accused of raping a disabled woman and an underage girl at a derelict house. Officers had tracked down the man when an angry crowd also arrived to wreak their own justice.
Horrifying footage shows the horde viciously attacking the man – identified only by his first name Gustavo – in Mexico. Some punched and kicked him while others beat him with metal objects and bats. One even apparently tries to stab him with a machete.
Officers can be seen trying to get the alleged rapist away from the clutches of the mob but they are 
Eventually, the policemen manage to bundle the badly battered man into the open back of their truck and drive him away
However, two officers were also injured in the incident in Ciudad Valles in the Praderas del Rio neighborhood.
The cops and the injured man were treated at a nearby hospital, with the accused rapist remaining in the hospital due to the severity of his injuries.
The man’s mother has since spoken to local media, saying he had been wrongly accused, and that he was not a rapist or a vagabond and that he had a normal job.
He remains under arrest at the hospital, and authorities have not issued any statement on the status of the investigation.