Two Naija big boys sentenced to life imprisonment for Drugs

Why this craze for overnight wealth among our young men these days? In their quest to make fast money illegitimately, two Nigerian drug traffickers ended in disaster after being sentenced to life imprisonment in Cambodia.

The Nigerians – 33yrs old Adibe Paschal and his partner, 42yrs old Okafor Ifeanyi Anthony, were sentenced to life imprisonment for smuggling 1.27 kg of cocaine in their stomach to Cambodia.

The two excreted about 70 wraps of cocaine after their arrest in May 2016. The appeared in court on Wednesday this week for verdict, the Judge in charge of their case jailed them for life and went ahead to fine them $10,000 each for smuggling cocaine into the country.

The big boys departed Nigeria for Vietnam and arrived via Dubai from where they were arrested.