Thieves caught stealing generators in Rivers State, disgraced (photos)

An ex-convict and his friend who stole some of their neighbours’ properties, have been caught by security men securing Seaside Road in Port Harcourt. It was gathered that the thieves stole 2 “I pass my neighbour generator” and “1 motorcycle” from their neighbours in Ogoni Camp Umuebulu 1.

Here’s what an eyewitness wrote;

‘Forgot to post this in the morning. The security guys in my neighbourhood caught these guys this early morning along seaside road. Affter stealing two generators (I pass my neighbour to be precise) and I bike (okada) from their neighbours in Ogoni Camp Umuebulu 1.

Actually the guy on short just came back from prison and now look at him in another mess. 
They will not go and rest’.