The only three advantages of Conor McGregor to defeat Floyd Mayweather

From his debut at the UFC in 2013, no one has been able to control the voracity of Conor McGregor. A force of nature that day only needed a minute to send to canvas its rival. A perfect hit that knocked the first door of his climb to the top of success.

McGregor’s brutal uppercut to knock out his rival in his UFC debut

The Irish fighter is a strange combination of Bruce Lee (martial arts), Muhammad Ali (talking machine) and Manny Pacquiao (powerful left-handed). A type of ‘superhero’ that perfectly combines technique and speed in all its movements. Risk as a way of life and with a single objective in each combat; Ending the fast track to become the best fighter in history.

Age, size, and power

The legend of McGregor began to emerge in Ireland and although he has never fought in a professional way in a boxing ring, many are the voices, authorized, that consider that the martial artist possesses physical attributes that make him a real threat for Mayweather.

A conqueror who would take advantage of his age, size, and power, to try to end the record of the indestructible Floyd. “In the end, it’s a fight Mayweather is 40 while McGregor is 27. Conor is a big guy Floyd has had problems with the left-handers And he (McGregor) hits like a truck When he hits you, you know”, Assured the president of the UFC.

The left-handed fighter’s advantage

Lefties live in a world designed in their ‘against’. However, the sport often belongs to the lefties. Although there is no scientific demonstration to ensure that a left-handed fighter has an advantage, his adaptation to his rivals is easier. If you are right-handed, dealing with a left-handed boxer usually means being bewildered during the first few minutes of the fight since you seldom face them.

The martial artist has a prodigious left-handed. His technique is perfect , different from the rest of

McGregor shatters record of ‘punching machine’

The martial artist has a prodigious left-handed. His technique is perfect, different from the rest of MMA fighters. The power and speed at which he executed each hit allowed him to have one of the highest knockout percentages (58.3%) of the company. “I’m so fast that when I turn off the light I get into bed before the whole room is dark,” are the words of Ali who helped the lethal transformation of Conor.

Accuracy at kickback
McGregor uses a semi-open guard, similar to the one used by Mayweather, which gives him more reaction ability for the counter. After avoiding the blow of the rival, all his body is concentrated in the power of his demolishing left-hand one. In addition, it dodges a great amount of blows by combat (57% total of escaped blows).

McGregor shatters record of ‘punching machine’

I’m not saying that McGregor will win this fight, I do not know, but it’s going to be a lot more interesting than what people think. Still betting on Floyd though.