“Quaran says it’s men that belong in the kitchen, not women” Ex-Governor Aliyu corrects Buhari

Former Niger State governor, Dr. Muazu Babangida Aliyu, in apparent reaction to President Muhammadu Buhari’s comments on the role of women he said that “Men also belong to the kitchen”.

Dr. Aliyu who spoke at the weekend in Minna, at the annual NDEDI Lecture Series organized by the Newgate College of Technology in Niger State said that though the place of the woman could be  in the kitchen “men also belong to the kitchen”.

He  posited  by citing some  sections of the Islamic injunctions that, men are to do shopping for the kitchen and not the women thus men could also belong to the kitchen  saying that “it is actually the man that should be in the kitchen as provided for in the Holy Quran.” He said that the women should only be in the “inner room.”

He explained that the men should provide all the needs of the women like  making purchases from the market for the use of the family because ‘‘Islam does not permit women to go out indiscriminately they are to be in the house taking care of the children”.

Consequently, he stated that with the current economic recession the husband and the wife should support each other for the good of the family and the society hence the era of taking many wives is over because those who hide under the religion to do so were ignorant of the provisions.

According to him “What the law says is that if you can be faithful and fair to two wives you are allowed to take more than one wife, I don’t see how a man can be faithful and fair to more than one wife”.

“We cannot afford to continue with this type of life unless we want to continue like our grandfathers, marriage is not compulsory. Plan your lives so that you don’t get frustrated along the line” he added.