Man publicly disgraced for forcing lady to remove her Biafran cap in Rivers State (photos/video)

A video which has long gone viral on social media, has shown that a bully, got served in Ogoni, Rivers State. It was gathered that the lady who was wearing a Biafran cap, was stopped by the bully who asked her to remove her cap.

When she refused doing so and slapping him back after he slapped her, she was manhandled by the bully. According to her,  he broke her phone, her watch and inflicted injuries on her with a screwdriver.

However, the bully who was asked for his own side of the story, admitted he owns the screwdriver but denied that he was the one responsible for the woman’s injuries. According to him, he only approached her “like a man”. His not so convincing statement, ignited the wrath of the crowd which had already gathered.

Here’s the video;