6 women get beaten up by a lesbian for refusing her kiss


28-year-old Kimberly McLeod, who thought some women dancing together at a bar in Hartlepool, County Durham were fellow lesbians, is now being prosecuted in court for beating up six women who resisted her advances in the bar.

It is alleged she grabbed two of the ladies by their faces and attempted to kiss them, but became angry when they pushed her away. This made her assault the whole group of friends, who were so battered that they were afraid to leave the house.

The attack left one of the victim’s who is a teacher with a nose burst, leading to her developing Bell’s palsy, which caused her face to droop to one side.

“‘I can’t understand how a person can have such hate inside them to physically attack other people. I had to make up reasons for my injuries.
I am thankful for just one thing – although I suffered this horrendous attack I know that it was in no way personal against me” one of the victims said.

DailyMail reports that Kimberly pleaded guilty to six charges of assault and two sexual assaults, bagged a 17-week prison sentence, suspended for two years and ordered to pay £150 costs to each victim