Yes! We Are What We Think

Recently, the Lord told me, “I want to show you how to operate in the kingdom of God as a human being. It all starts with your thoughts. As a man thinks in his heart, such is he. “

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We are what we think. It is therefore essential to consider our thoughts, especially when we do not like what we are experiencing, and that we do not get any results.

There is bound to be a problem when our lives do not align with the Word of God, and often the problem comes from our mentalities.

When we decide to place the Word above everything, we must understand that it will require concentration and determination, and a commitment to keep our eyes fixed on the promises of the Word, not on this Which is visible. The enemy will try to distract you and make you look at the problem. When we look at the problem, rather than to the solution (the Word), fear and doubt assail our thoughts and paralyze us.

Many would be ready to argue that fear, doubt, and anxiety are normal things, and that all these things are part of human nature. This is true, but only to a certain extent. Our thoughts should in all cases be in accord with the Word of God.

Brother Uche from my church taught me a lot in this area. Every time he faced a challenge and was tempted to worry, he said, ”  No, I refuse to worry, and I focus on what God says!  “.

We have the authority to destroy negative thoughts by faith.



You may not have the money to pay for an urgent bill. At the heart of your thoughts filled with doubt, the questions are: ”  Where will I find the money? How will I get out of it …  “. Instead of meditating on your need this way, you can submit your thoughts to the Word and forbid them from taking control, declaring, ”  God is my source, He has provided in all areas of my life. I am in abundance. “. When you think this way, the miracle of multiplication is going on, just like Jesus when he multiplied the loaves and fish to feed thousands of people.

Isaiah 26: 3
To him that is firm in his feelings, You assure peace, peace, Because he trusts in you.

When we persevere to remain focused on the Word of God, peace that surpasses all understanding and logic invades us and accompanies us. Peace, from the word shalom, means: nothing broken, nothing lacking.

It is time to believe the Word and see the manifestation of His promises. God has foreseen for you an abundant life full of peace, in which nothing is lacking and everything is complete. But remember, it all starts with your thoughts. You are what you think.

Good Morning my fellow Afrikkans.