Charly Boy pierces his balls, tattoos children’s name on arm (photos)

Son of famous Justice Oputa and ‘Area Fada’, Charly Boy, who has been very proud of all his kids, decided to get the names of all his kids, tattooed on his arm, with his wife’s name, Lady D,, tattooed on his chest.

Charly Boy who shared the photos on Instagram, wrote;

 “Tattooed my children’s name on my left arm today, hope space go dey to tattoo my grand children’s name and….
 “Love is pain and pain is ❤️ writing my family tree on the canvas of my body. “

The Area Fada went further to disclose that he pierced his balls today;

“My Body is in shock. Pierced my blokus today. More balls to the ball.👊👊👊👊👊”

More photos after the cut;