Mysterious healing water reportedly drops from Divine Mercy statue In Amichi (Photos)

Alleged miraculous drops of water from the jaw of the Divine Mercy statue have been spotted in Amichi, Anambra state. Here’s the story as shared by Facebook user, Chidi Wazinga Ilechukwu:

‘At first I was reluctant sharing these pictures online. It took me and some priests days to asertain this miraculous drop of water from the jaw of the Divine Mercy statue. 
Since Ash Wednesday up until this moment, there has been an unfathomable dropping of water even at the hottest heat of the sun. Go to Jesus and Mary Adoration ground Amichi and see for yourself.

 I observed that the drop comes out and hang without dropping on the ground. When you wipe it and stand to see another come out and from where it will come out, I bet you, you will stand till “thy kingdom come” and nothing will come out. But if you move a little distance away from the Statue and come back, you will still see a drop. People are confirming its healing power.
What the Lord has done is marvelous in our eyes.
Keep sharing this let people go and confirm this divine phenomenon’.

What do you think is behind this?