Lady discovers her stolen money on housemaid who’s about to leave while praying for her

Talk about being caught red-handed, a Nigerian lady discovered that her housemate who was about leaving her, stole her money while praying for her. The lady’s sister, Biola, the victim’s sister, wrote:

“So this girl worked with my sister for a year and a half, pretending like she didn’t know anything. She acts local as she is from Ibadan not knowing it was just a decoy to make us believe she is very local and knows nothing.

She was set to leave last week Sunday and my sister told her to kneel down so she can pray for her, in all of these, she was given new clothes, shoes, watches and extra money for being a good girl not knowing she is a devil in disguise.

When she was about to pray for her, she wanted to help her adjust her dress and realized there was something bulky in it and she asked her what it was, she claimed it was her stomach.

My sister insisted on seeing and when she refused, she pulled her close and tore her dress. She had worn my sister’s girdle and packed a total sum of N79,000 in it and also $300 dollars in her private part.

We were thankful that she didn’t do more than that and we let her go. Unfortunately, when I got back home, I realized she also stole my jewelry and a huge sum of money from my house. My sister also realized she took her daughter’s jewelry and also hers.

I know she will definitely come back to Lagos to come to someone else’s home to do damages, as she got away with this, so I am putting her out there so no one will accept her in their homes, even if she changes her name to something else, because that’s their usual practice.

And I also need to mention that my sister was robbed 4 times in a year, so I can’t put it past her that she had a hand in it. Please we shld all be careful of all these helps, they are devil’s incarnate. They have no soul and they are very wicked people.”