Kenyan couple who admire Donald Trump’s ‘sincerity’ names their baby after him

Baby Trump
A couple in the third largest city in Kenya, Kisumu have named their baby after Unites States President-elect Donald Trump. 
According to the Daily Nation the parents, Mr. Felix Otieno and Ms. Lorna Akoth, said they selected the name due to the tycoon’s principles. Kenyans have criticized the named on social media but the parents have remained adamant in their decision.
Most residents supported Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the November 8 elections due to Trump’s criticism of President Barack Obama whose lineage is in the city.
The three-month baby was named after Trump by his parents because they admired Trump’s open mind that made him make tough statements regardless of his audience during the campaign.
“At the time, I was not sure whether Mr. Trump would pull a surprise victory but I had the conviction the businessman had what it took to be a leader,” said Mr. Otieno to the Nation, adding that “Most politicians are not sincere like him. I admired him because he is a man who says what he thinks,”