Government poisons hundreds of stray dogs in Karachi City, Pakistan

Government poisons hundreds of stray dogs in Pakistan
In a shocking case of cruelty against animals, over 700 stray dogs have been poisoned to death by officials in southern Karachi in Pakistan.
The move has been dubbed as an effort to curb their rising population that attacks thousands of people in the city each year.
Last year, Karachi’s Jinnah Hospital treated 6,500 people bitten by dogs and this year so far it has seen 3,700 cases, said Dr. Seemin Jamali, head of the emergency room. Bodies of dead dogs littered areas of the city where workers gathered them for disposal.
The periodic culling of dogs was conducted in the entire city. The team left pieces of poisoned meat in different streets for the dogs to eat and their corpses were later shifted to landfill sites.