“My wife has forgiven me for fathering a child outside marriage” -Gospel artiste Atorise

Nigerian gospel artiste, Lanre Teriba aka Atorise, who once had a reputation of being a ‘womanizer’, has slammed those pointing fingers at him saying they’re not better than him.


The singer who disclosed that his wife, has forgiven him for having a child outside their marriage, said;

“I had a child out of wedlock and I have apologized to my wife about it and she has forgiven me a long time ago. I don’t know why people cannot just forget about the past and move on. Even people who do worse things behind closed doors would come out in public to castigate me.

Let the people who have seen me taking women to hotels come out and tell the world. Like I said earlier, there are some things I did before which I am not proud of but that’s all in the past now.
As long as the people close to me understand me, people can keep saying what they like.”