Musician Muma Gee Talks About Giving Up Everything To Make Her Crashed Marriage Work..

Celebrated Musician Muma Gee, wife of Nollywood actor Prince Eke has responded a little bit to all the Allegations heaped on her by her estranged actor spouse.

The singer explained how she gave her all to make her marriage work.

Her Actor husband had called her out on Instagram, saying she absconded to Abuja, leaving him alone to cater for their three children and all she does is hang out at night clubs with different men…He literally referred to as a loose woman, so to say….

In this interview with HipTV Muma gee talked a little about the crisis in her Marriage and says she does not want to put her private life out there despite the pressure to speak…

She said, “I got married and became a full-time housewife for 6 years and even though I am hearing rumour here and there that he describes me otherwise but God knows that for me to have taken a break for six years is enough to show anyone that I was really dedicated and, I gave the marriage all my time, all my life and all my love but if the factors around it or the persons involved are restless a bit then you can’t be in total control.

I don’t like divorce and I don’t believe in it but if it is thrown at me after so many times of managing the situation…….
That’s why I talk less and the social media is putting pressure on me to speak and all of that but I won’t speak, I don’t have to say my private stuff out there”

Watch the short interview…