Upcoming musician almosts faints after girlfriend buys him a car

Ladies, can you confidently buy a car for your man if you can afford it?

This guy who is an upcoming musician was so overwhelmed by his girlfriend’s unexpected and uncommon gesture that he screamed: “I can’t keep calm!!”.

He wrote

Wow wow I can’t keep calm,the world has to know how grateful I am ordinary Port Harcourt Boy ,meeting you 4 years ago in the university and how even against all odds no one wanted you to date me or even be seen with me cause you are a pastor’s daughter but you proved them all wrong,you stayed even supported my career as an upcoming artist from day 1
my love my everything I’m speechless this surprise is too much (a car) I bless God for the day i met you and I promise to make u proud for supporting my music journey …oh no God. Bless you New Lexus Jeep