Tonto Dike disables comments on a photo where someone threatened to take down her account, Apologizes

An Instagram user threatened to take down Tonto Dike’s account, after she posted the below photo with the caption “😂🙈Stop being lazy turn your phone…
#sucidialmyFeet #Bettermentodiefor #GOD #BetterMentoLivefor #KINGY #SUPERHAPPY #GRATEFUL #FULFILLED”

The Instagram user @Potgog went  ahead to put down some bitter and threatening Comments

And then she apologized, and told her Media team to stand down.

She then went ahead to disable comments on that photo.

On one of the popular Nigerian forums, someone said “indirectly, Tonto cheated on her fans by lying to them and posting fake gifts bought for her by herself..Tonto sef is a Scammer like her husband then!  grin”