Nicki Minaj replies Remy Ma with bared boobs?

Nicki Minaj who is having a time of her life in Paris, despite the diss track launched against her by Remy Ma, bared her boobs while covering her nipple with a sticker in  photos she shared on Instagram.

We think this might be Nicki’ s reply to Remy, who was accused her of being a “spongebob”
before she went in for plastic surgery.

Nicki Minaj is yet to give an official reply to Remy Ma, even when fans are clamouring for it. Remy Ma, yesterday on Wendy William’s show disclosed that their beef is more than music.

“This person, just based on what I’m witnessing, is not a nice person,” Remy Ma said. “It was the behind-the-scenes things that you people will never know about … trying to keep me off of red carpets, trying to make sure awards don’t go to me or she’s not going to be in attendance, or trying to get people to make bad reports about my album sales, or just anything that I’m doing to make me look less and make her look better. I have a problem. When you’re trying to stop my bag, when you’re trying to stop me from taking care of my children, now, I have a problem with that” she said.

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