ChrisBrown could go to jail for keeping a Capuchin monkey without permit

Chris Brown could go to face jail for keeping a Capuchin monkey without permit

He never expected it.

From problem to problem. Chris Brown is in a new mess with the authorities, but this time it was to make a curious gift to his daughter for Christmas. It was enough for the singer to publish a video on his social networks so that his followers could turn on the danger alarms.

Chris Brown gave Royalty, his 3-year-old daughter, a pet for Christmas.

The girl was happy and the rapper wanted to share his joy in his Instagram account with all his fans, so he published a video of Fijii, the pet, dressed in a diaper and cradled by the girl.

But he never imagined what would come: it turns out that the gift was nothing more and nothing less than a Capuchin monkey.

According to a fan who wanted to advise him, this animal is one of the most dangerous monkeys. He even said he ranks third among the 72 most dangerous animals in Latin America. “Be careful, you and your baby,” he said. Meanwhile, another user reminded him that this could be animal abuse.

The singer only explained that he had bought Fiji inspired by his idol, Bubbles, the mascot of Michael Jackson.

Finally, the rapper was reported to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and voluntarily returned the monkey, because he had never received the permission he needed to own it.

As the crime is minor, the singer could spend 6 months in jail if convicted. For now, the case is in the hands of Mark Geragos, the lawyer who represents Chris Brown from Los Angeles.