CELEBRITY GIST: ‘The ungrateful Delila’ – Cossy claims she hooked actress Iyabo Ojo up with the man that changed her life

Nigerian busty actress, Cossy Ojiako just took to her Instagram page to do a lot of spilling.

The video vixen controversially known for showing off her large bosoms at social events went ahead to reveal how she hooked popular Yoruba actress, Iyabo Ojo up with the man that changed her life, alongside other dirty details, she also called out controversial jornalist, Kemi olunloyo.

She wrote:

  “THE UNGRATEFUL DELILA … Story …Story …Story…. Part 3, i want to talk about my house. I built it prior to meeting mr? I was d first actress to own a house then. #facts.. The higher protocols actually taught mr? Helped out. So they demanded for houses
and all…the ones that knew him better (secrets) …blackmail or not..it worked for them.

They didn’t talk trash about me…if they did mr? Will surely tell me, so the secrets are permanently safe with me. 2 bitchy protocols got me mad…. A very cute smallish Yoruba actress…she has angelic face…hahahha heard a story about her and another …recently… Hmmm no smoke without fire you will say….. Bitch got millions sent to her account from 2011 upwards. She became a big girl.

And is still relevant to mr? Till date…fortified juju girl with angelic face…. Enjoy ur range …enjoy ur house … Produce more block buster but Don’t forget I hooked u up to the person that changed ur life… Be grateful when u hear cossy and pray for me in ur inner heart. I heard all the trash u told mr?

That’s why am mentioning u now . 2nd bitch . the useless one that went to do love.. Hahahahhahh.. She is just as ugly in xter as Delilah.. Bitch gat medium ass hahahha so mr? Cant keep u for long. bitch act so crazy… Sent me 100k went to show mr? D bank teller.. That am getting paid for the hookups …it caused a huge rift..

 My range was on shaky grounds…i accepted collecting d 100k then i accused him of sending me on plenty protocols. That he should give me a specific no before the range comes… seriously…. Bitch 2_Ur mates are utilizing the hookup asking for house and car and ur here blocking my range.

you deserve a mention for the stress u gave me….but Mentioning ur name now will mean reviving ur dead career …I know mr? Taste so I went Looking for d perfect one to overthrow her reign…Had this running thro my mind.

When i saw her… D perfect one…d road was untarred & bumpy d ass moved to very jerk from the bike…I got hypnotized.. the ass was taking talking to me… the dress she wore… a huggy animal skin Lycra short gown. . .. I overtook the bike….HELLO….part 4 ……loading